3 Years Since the Beginning

100_1046_1_1Hi everyone, today is a big day for me and I believe February 18th

will forever be a day that I will never forget.

(the photo is from a couple of years ago but it looks the same outside my back door today :)

3 years ago today I had a huge life changing operation that forever changed me. The Big O (click highlighted link  to read that post) day started out with fasting, as any surgery would, however my surgery wasn’t scheduled until 3pm, wow what a long time to fast you may think…..not for me. I had been in 24/7 pain and bleeding for 4 weeks prior so I didn’t even notice that I was hungry. All I could think about was removing the part of me that had failed and was causing me so many problems; it was time to end it.

I really shouldn’t say that it failed me, well at least not totally. Those little organs gave me 3 beautiful children that I cherish more than my own life, so they did what God designed them to do.

That fateful hour came and I still remember sitting in the pre op chair and the nurse was amazed that I wasn’t starving, I just looked at her and said that I was in so much pain that I had no appetite and I told her I was looking forward to the IV that would bring me peace and put an end to my pain….it did it’s job well….I slept.

I don’t remember very much at all when it was over, but I do remember my girls & husband being there, foggy, but still I remember the comfort they provided.

I went to sleep and it was over, just like that…..a new life, new obstacles, but no pain.

So enough about that, I want to tell you a little bit about what I have learned over the past 3 years, mainly to give comfort and encouragement to any woman out there preparing to change their own life with the Big O.

1) I can’t stress this enough, give yourself plenty of time to heal for at least 6 weeks if not longer. Do exactly what your doctor orders to ensure that you don’t pull anything on the inside and cause scar tissue to form, for that scar tissue can come back and cause you pain years down the road….so take care of yourself. Even if you feel better on the outside you still have hundreds of stitches on the inside that take a lot longer to heal.

2) For me I chose not to take HRT. Having so much endo in me was a little scary that the artificial estrogen (HRT) could possible cause any remaining microscopic pieces of endo to start growing and therefore back to square one/pain. Not taking hormones is a personal choice of mine and each woman must make their own decisions on this one.

3) I have developed arthritis, mainly from not having the estrogen. But I really had to way my choices: take HRT and risk health issues that they can cause or not take it and deal with whatever life brings on, including arthritis. I’m doing ok with it. After accepting the fact that exercise hurts wayyyyy too much, the choice to forego exercise was a huge change for me since I was use to taking care of my body by exercising. Now I manage my weight with portion control/calorie counting. One day I hope to be able to exercise again, but after many failed attempts, I’m not rushing it.

4) Depression-yes the Big O can cause depression. This is a touchy subject and I just want everyone to know I empathize with each of you going through it. I am working daily on combating depression and I know that anti depressants could work wonders for me but I also know about their side effects and have taken them before-so I’m not looking to go that route again. However I have found Holy Basil and Lemongrass teas really do help with the anxiety and depression, so I’m good.

5) Weight gain-oh yea, I experienced it and gained about 22 pounds, but I’m ok with it because I have honestly tried to lose it and not a single pound would come off, but I feel better than I have in a long time so I won’t beat myself up about a few pounds.

6) Vaginal Dryness-ugh, what a horrible word to talk about, it is inevitable that this will occur when you don’t take hormones, but I think I am luckier than most because it doesn’t bother me very much at all, heck for the past 15-20 years (prior to the Big O) I had more bleeding, spotting, breakthrough bleeding, periods that lasted well past 19 days…. basically I bled forever…..so  if I have a desert down there is just fine with me, I like dryness. Enough about that subject.

7) Libido-I’m not even going to talk about this one because it is what it is, make the most of what you have.

8) Wearing white-yayyy I can wear white any day of the year, any year and never ever have to worry again.

9) Maxi Pads-I never have to invest in this product again, not even panty liners-another yayyyyyy!

10) Online sites-you may want to be leary of joining too many online website about hysterectomies because there are a lot of horror stories on there and they can scare  you to death. YOU are an individual with individual health problems and only you and your doctor can determine the path that you need to take to feel your best.

There you go, just a few of the points that have changed me in the past 3 years. I hope that they have helped someone out there know they aren’t alone after such a life changing operation. I also don’t want my girls to get depressed thinking that this could happen to them, remember that you guys are your own person and what happened to me may not necessarily happen to you.

Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful day.

An Update on My Big “O”

RitalinWow what a whirlwind of experiences I have had the last 2 1/2 years. One day, not so long ago, the Big “O” (operation) I had changed me and set my life on a different path. A path that I know will dominate my life for the duration.

Like I said in earlier posts, feel free to read them, I made the personal choice to opt out of HRT after my hysterectomy and I am still very glad I decided not to go the artificial hormone route. It has not been without it’s difficulties though, and it has not been hot flash free, and some days I think I need to visit the state hospital and register as a “guest”.   Continue reading

Do you know where your hamburger came from? I do.

foodToday I had the most wonderful time visiting a farm, not too far from here, where they raise all of their own beef, chickens, turkeys, and sheep on free range. This means that they are grassfed on pasture.

They have the most interesting way they care for their chickens so they produce abundant eggs and get exercise. Their chickens are not in small cages, but rather they are transferred from one part of the pasture to another part via a portable pen. In that pen they are allowed to run in the pasture grass, dig in the soil and hunt bugs, there is very little stress on the chickens this way and they get a wholesome diet, therefore in turn giving us a delicious dinner.

Beef and other animals who are grassfed are naturally lower in fat and calories than grain fed alternatives. Do a search on grassfed or free range and you will learn more, than I can share with you today, to enlarge your education on natural food.

They also have dairy cows and make their own cheese right on the farm. As you can see in the photo I bought some cheddar and pepperjack, pretty tasty cheese. My husband and I have never had real home made cheese so this was a real treat. I also can’t remember buying eggs fresh off the farm and today, as you can see, we had some for dinner…yummy. I also made hamburgers from the fresh ground beef, I also purchased there.

Grassfed (free range) beef and other animals are free from any hormones, and antibiotics. Their cheese is also aged for 60 days. The farm is run primarily by family which have been doing this for many generations. They decided to open their farm to the public and open a farm store for people like me to purchase products in their more natural & healthier state.

I have always tried to feed my family nutritious foods but the availability has just not been in our little part of the world, but thanks to the popularity of people wanting to live a more natural life and eat more wholesome foods free from antibiotics and hormones, farms like this one are opening their doors and sharing what they love and know with us. For this I am grateful.

Sure anyone can run in the local supermarket or big chain store and buy meat and eggs for a little cheaper BUT you have no idea where it was processed, how the beef was raised and what it was fed. But when you buy from a local farmer you can see exactly where the beef is and you know that it is fresh.

Thank you for reading my post today, I hope I have given you an idea to search out farms and producers close to where you live so you can know exactly where your hamburger came from.

Natural Homemade Deodorant-DIY

IMG_0526Last saturday I spent the afternoon with my mother in law and my daughter at a doTERRA essential oil class, we had such a wonderful time and always learn so much. The topic of natural deodorant came up and with that was the opportunity to obtain a recipe to make my own. It seemed easy enough and so my daughter and I decided to tackle it last night, she in her hometown and me in mine but with the same goal in mind-natural health.

All I needed to buy was corn starch, because I didn’t have any of that since I NEVER EVER make homemade gravy, luckily that stuff is super cheap. After dinner I was ready to tackle my project.

I put all of the ingredients on the table, so that I could give all of you a visual of how what to use…looks like simple stuff.


For the homemade deodorant, you will need:

1/4 cup of Baking Soda

1/4 cup of Corn Starch

1/2 cup of Coconut Oil (I always have this on hand because I substitute it for butter, you can also fry with it, use it in health products. It is just a wonderful supplement to add to your health care)

1-2 glass containers (or plastic if you don’t use the essential oil). My daughter laughed at me because I wasn’t able to find any empty jars at the local store, so I purchased 2 small containers of a weird generic hair gel and when I got home I just scooped out the gel into the trash, washed the containers and off I went.

10 drops of your favorite essential oil-I used doTERRA’s Wild Orange, it has magnificent anti bacterial qualities, and smells great.

This is seriously all you will need!  Not only was this incredibly inexpensive to make, it is totally natural, so there’s no fear of dangerous parabens, alum and aluminum.

Here’s how you put everything together:

1. Combine the baking soda and corn starch into a bowl.

2. Put the coconut oil in a sauce pan on very low heat for only enough time for it to get a more liquid consistency.   If you’ve never used coconut oil before, be prepared for a unique experience.  It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen.  It melts at room temperature and hardens very quickly if cooled. Do not store it in the fridge.

3. Once the coconut is at a semi-liquid consistency, meaning not all of it is melted, add it to the baking soda and corn starch mixture and stir it together with a spatula.  If you find the consistency to be too watery, add a tad more baking soda, or once it’s in the jar, just put it in the fridge for NO MORE than 5 minutes, otherwise it will get too hard.

4. When the 3 main ingredients are combined, add essential oil if you want.  About 10 drops should do it.  Mix it thoroughly.

5. Finally, put it in the jar and it’s ready to use!  Apply with your fingers to the armpit areas.

Remember this is a deodorant not an antiperspirant, but it does a fantastic job. Today was the maiden voyage with my new natural deodorant and I am 100% satisfied with it, no complaints whatsoever.

So there you have it, simple, natural and completely safe for your body. Try it tonight, I bet you love it too.


UPDATE: Well I have been using the deodorant for 4 days and I am in love with it. I am not one bit disappointed and even though it’s a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, it actually helps me stay dry too.


The Silent Enemy Below

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Small plant, big defeat!

IMG_0458Happy 4th everyone. Today is looking to be a beautiful day, not too hot but just a little humidity, or so I thought when I had this bright idea to tackle a project I have put off. In the photo you will see some mutilated plants that I’m sure you will recognize. These plants make great cover IF you don’t let them get out of hand and become invasive, which is what I did.  Continue reading

How I survived 47 candles

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in forever, I can’t explain why, I guess menopausal brain fog prevents me from sharing creative stuff with all of you. But as I approach my 47th birthday, in a couple of weeks, I wanted to share a few of the things that I have learned along life’s path. Some good, some bad, but all are real. Feel free to share what you’ve learned on life’s journey as well.

Part of this year's twenty. Geez, I'm getting old.

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Our Others

English: Moon

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This post is going to have nothing at all to do with menopause, so no tales of hormone imbalance, hot flashes or lack of this or that but rather I decided to talk a little about a topic that is simply an every day occurrence in our home, I’m referring to our “visitor”. For those of you who have ever seen the movie “The Others” you will quickly know why I chose the title of my post. Continue reading

Rain, Clouds and Internet Migration

Rainy days and sunday

Rainy days and sunday

Yucky weather, rain, cold, damp, gloomy, misty, trapped inside but what can you do?…order chinese!

Hello everyone, well due to stress, workload, and internet migration I failed to meet my Postaweek, oh well, the world isn’t going to come to an end, but I won’t beat myself up about it because it was just beyond my control and besides, my mind was overloaded so the post quality wouldn’t have gained my approval. Continue reading

The Phases of a Human’s Life

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A couple of weeks ago my father had a scare with his heart. He hadn’t been feeling very well for a few days and gradually felt worse. He recognized that something wasn’t quite right with his heart so instead of putting it of he went to the ER and he was right, he was having a heart attack. Continue reading