4th Year Anniversary of the Big “O”

For those of you that used to follow me, before the hiatus, you know that the Big “O” stands for my big hysterectomy. That was one surgery that will forever change me.

February 18, 2015 marked the 4 year anniversary of said surgery. I wasn’t a candidate for HRT, because of underlying issues, so I have had to learn to live hormone free since. What a trip that’s been. Luckily I don’t think I flew on my broom that much, or cried my heart out or even punched my husband in the face….not even once, can you believe that?

Since I last blogged I have been trying to adjust to my “new normal” life which includes knowing when my body has had enough for one day, learning to breathe to control overwhelming anxiety, doing what I can when I can, not beating myself up about the cheesecake that I just had, realizing that life is more give than take. Continue reading

Back From My Hiatus

Wow have things changed on here. I took some time off from blogging because of my temper mainly. I haven’t posted anything for so long that I had trouble navigating around this place. But I think I have a handle on it now. So let me begin by saying that I am getting used to my “new normal” life and want to try some blogging.

Why did I stop blogging? That’s easy to answer. As most of you know I am a wellness advocate for a very up and coming essential oil company. I have been in it for over 2 years. When I first began in it the world was my oyster and I was open to blogging, Facebook posting, classes and just about anything I wanted to get others interested in the adventure I was in.

I still love their products and I am still a wellness advocate but while I was still blogging (and promoting their products) I thought I was very cautious to never make any medical type claims. One day I got this email from the company saying that my blog wasn’t in compliance. I was baffled because no where on there did I make any medical claims. Well in the email they said that in my “about me” section I had 1 sentence about being a wellness advocate and how I loved being able to be involved with a company that can make me healthier…..or something simple along those lines. Continue reading